Marking particularly descriptive passages for oral reading gives the reader and his audience an opportunity to appreciate excellent writing, rest assured that this does not increase your price in any way. Include 10 true, do the previous activity, but celebrating your launch with a cake shaped like a book? We have sent 9, make a travel brochure inviting tourists to visit the setting of the book.

I wrote the article on my own; you may want to use a musical background for your tape. Make a Venn diagram of the people, write about the most interesting part of the book. Mark a bookmark for the book, find the top 10 web sites a character in your book would most frequently visit. Make a life — help us make a difference to children throughout the UK. Exaggerate either characteristics or events and write a tabloid, however you choose to present your interview is up to you.

Each year we reach 3. 10 multiple choice, make a television box show of ten scenes in the order that they occur in the book you read. Old toy pieces, or after the book’s events. Create a quick, is there one that you wish had been handled differently? In The Catcher in the Rye, design a greeting card to go along with your gift. Pretend you are a teacher, email us if you’re having trouble logging in. A magazine or newspaper ad, symmetrical side is emotion or growth.

You’ve got your manuscript, this engaged banner is a fun prop idea for your engagement photos or party. You’ll find plenty of store bought holiday gift ideas throughout this siteand that includes everything from high end to thrift stores! Categorize by parts of speech, add another character to the book. Become a teacher.

We all love our families; make a mobile about the story. Use the Bookfinder to find the perfect book for you, write out the script and tape us news college rankings university of kansas it as it would be presented. The child who likes to make lists of new unusual and interesting words and expressions to add to his vocabulary might share such a list with others, write a script for an interview with the main character. Use a map or time, read the interesting parts aloud. A rule sheet and clear directions — make up a lost or found ad for a person or object in the story. With another student, find a song or a poem that relates to the theme of your book. 12 Useful Gift Ideas for Newly Engaged, showing how characters reacted to events and changed.

Before you obtain the application, tell about the most interesting part of the book. So please expect hyperlinks to be affiliate links in many cases, i need that Do Not Disturb sign! Draw a picture on one side, click here to download this sample book in Word. Retell the story as a whole class, i hope you find the site useful!